Movies and MP3's New on 4.5 for Mac

Technology evolves, and more studios use an exclusively file based workflow. TCode has evolved with it. Now, starting on version 4.5 for the Mac, you can use most QuickTime files, and MP3 files containing a timecode track in addition to hardware based timecode sources.

Any Application

TCode specializes in entering timecode into your favorite documents and spreadsheets. You only have to assign a key on your keyboard to TCode, and pressing it will instantly enter the timecode wherever you are currently working. The default key is the backtick key (next to the 1 key on the keyboard).

Over The Network

Once you connect timecode to one computer running TCode, you may run another copy of TCode on another computer and utilize the remote timecode. Provided that you have a license for each machine, this provides an easy way to distribute timecode to multiple users without expensive infrastructure or bulky cables.

Movie Playback

TCode supports playing most types of QuickTime compatible movie files. To open one, you may use the Open command from the File menu, or simply drag the quicktime movie into the timecode window.

Movie playback suppports the standard JKL transport controls: Pressing J causes the movie to play in reverse, K stops playback, and L causes the movie to play forwards. Repeated pressing of J or L causes faster playback in that direction (similar to fast forwards or rewind).

If you need to modify the timecode track in a movie, the free application iTimeize is available for that purpose.


The typed format allows for many uses. Look below for some formatting examples.
The format of this string is as follows:

%H - current hour
%M - current minute
%S - current second
%F - current frame
%% - a % sign.
%n - return (new line)
%N - shift return
%t - tab
%T - shift tab
All other characters - verbatim

Example 1 - Word

For a simple setup, simply open your favorite word processor and TCode. In the TCode preferences, select the Format tab.
In the Print Format box, type


This will insert a newline, print the time acurate to a frame, and tab over for you to type comments. To insert the time, press your custom hot key, and write your notes.

Example 2 - File Browser

You may name files or folders according to time code. In the TCode preferences, select the Format tab.
In the Print Format box, type

%nProject %H.%M.%S.%F%n

Select a file to be renamed and press your custom hot key, and the file will be renamed as the current timecode.

Example 3 - Excel

TCode can do tabs, shift tabs, and enters. This makes it ideal for input into spreadsheets. In the TCode preferences, select the Format tab.
In the Print Format box, type


set up a spreadsheet with one column for timecode, and the column to the right for notes. Press your custom hot key, and the time will be printed on the next line and the cursor will be positioned to type.

Did You Know
TCode has been used in the past 4 years
  • In the Olympics.
  • transcribing closed captions on leading TV networks.
  • By volunteers in houses of worship.
  • For many famous films