Timecode exists to make your life easier, and we wrote this software to give you that timecode better than ever before. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Download

Download the latest version of TCode:

  • TCode 4.5 for Mac OS X
  • TCode 4.3.4 for Windows
  • Step 2: Connect
    Connect a timecode source to your computer's audio input.
    Step 3: Use
    View the timecode and press the backtick ` key (next to the 1 to type the current timecode into any application.

    After you have tried TCode, purchase a license, or ask us questions.

    If TCode or our other software does not completely address your needs, we have a custom software division which specializes in developing your exact solution. Send us a message, and we will contact you with details.

    Old Versions
    If you have need of prior versions of TCode, you may download them here. Please note that these may be unsupported or may have reduced features.
  • TCode 4.5 for Mac OS X
  • TCode 4.3 for Mac OS X
  • TCode 4.2 for Mac OS X
  • TCode 4.1 for Mac OS X
  • TCode 4.3.4 for Windows
  • TCode 4.3.3 for Windows
  • TCode 4.3 for Windows
  • TCode 4.2 for Windows

  • Did You Know
    TCode has been used in the past 4 years
  • In the Olympics.
  • transcribing closed captions on leading TV networks.
  • By volunteers in houses of worship.
  • For many famous films