The premiere software based timecode solution for video, audio, and transcription professionals just got better.

Whether you need to log a live show, or transcribe movie from disc or tape, TCode is the software that will provide the timecode wherever you need it. Keeping you focused on your work and not the clock, our software based timecode decoder works with virtually any timecode source.

TCode Screenshots

Now adding a completely overhauled and web based interface, you can quickly view timecode however suits your needs. Additionally, if TCode is missing a feature you need, our dedicated team will work with you to add the productivity tools you want.

Using a QuickTime movie*, or a Linear Timecode enabled camera, frame accurate logging is only a hot key away.

TCode allows a standard computer to replace specialized Linear Timecode (LTC) hardware in ways never before imagined.

Features At A Glance

Available timecode source:

Get It Now

Download the latest version of TCode right now and test it before purchasing a license key. The Mac and Windows version have virtually identical features, and the license key is transferable between operating systems.

If you haven't purchased a license key for TCode, we won't even ask you to give us your information before downloading. Simply choose the download for your platform, and try it out.

How It Works

TCode takes time from any LTC (Linear Time Code) output, usually on the back of professional VTR's or directly out of a broadcast timecode generator and decodes it via any audio input. This allows you to log an event as it happens, or while watching a tape afterwards using only your computers built in audio input or a third party USB or Firewire audio device.

TCode is capable of sending the timecode to remote machines over the network, so you can now use existing network infrastructure to have frame accurate timecode.

TCode also supports timecode embedded as an audio channel of QuickTime & mp3 files.

How Can I Get It To Work?

We know that all audio and video files are not created equal. If you have any issues using timecode from any hardware or multimedia file, we would be more than happy to help you.å

Custom Integration Available

If TCode or our other software does not completely address your needs, we have a custom software division which specializes in developing your exact solution. Send us a message, and we will contact you to work out the details.


Did You Know
TCode has been used in the past 4 years
  • In the Olympics.
  • transcribing closed captions on leading TV networks.
  • By volunteers in houses of worship.
  • For many famous films