Video clip logging without specialized hardware.

Whether you need to log events during a live show, or make notes while watching a tape, TCode will keep you focused on the show, not the clock using our software based timecode logging system.

Features At A Glance

Cool Features

Unlike competing applications, TCLogger allows you to use timecode to log, not DV or machine control. TCLogger also features offsets that may be used to shift the in and out points relative to when you click. Coupled with the 4 macros: in, out, in/out, & out/in, TCLogger may be used to mark fixed length segments, split an event into segments, or only log good takes without rewinding the tape.

Everything you need to do to log an event is accessable from keyboard shortcuts eliminating the need to fumble with the mouse and mis the action.

How It Works

TCLogger uses the cross platform Java system to transform virtually any computer into a simple logging system.

TCLogger takes time from any LTC (Linear Time Code) output, usually on the back of professional VTR's or directly out of a broadcast timecode generator and decodes it via any audio input. This allows you to log an event as it happens, or while watching a tape afterwards using only your computers built in audio input or a third party USB or Firewire audio device.