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Calling All Developers

Posted on August 21, 2010

Possibly one of the biggest secrets here at TimecodeSoftware.com is our cross platform framework for integrating timecode into your mobile, web, or desktop software.

Today we are officially offering our mature toolkit up for development on a variety of platforms. To check out the details, visit our timecode developer center right now.

Currently, we support the mobile platforms: Apple iOS & Android OS. Desktop and server platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux. Some of the features we have exposed are: Linear timecode input and output (generator), jam sync engine, network I/O with autodiscovery. We provide sample applications demonstrating the use of the features with each variety of the framework.

Finally, if you are a hardware or device manufacturer, we would be glad to work with you to add network based timecode support to your system so you can interface with a variety of third party systems.